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Canada Pardon Services specializes in assisting any person with Canadian criminal records to obtain the Canadian Pardon and the U.S. Entry Restriction Waivers.

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Once you have registered we assure the necessary steps to begin the process of the Waiver.

A sworn statement to be signed, will be made available to you once the fees are partially or fully paid. It will serve as an authorization and an implicit commitment to the process. Our service will process your request with utmost confidentiality with the concerned American authorities.

After you register, our staff will be committed to:

  • Working with the Homeland Security and other agencies
  • Designating the processing office to ensure the objective is reached
  • Making sure you understand the process
  • Determining the contents of the file and the aspect of the application
  • Collecting and creating all required documents
  • Ensuring your file is complete and up to date
  • Generating all requests and necessary documents
  • Ensuring visibility on the monitoring of progress of process
  • Providing a background check on an international level for more credibility.

Why do I have to apply for a "Waiver" for the United States?

Under the United States immigration laws, a person who was convicted of a criminal offence in his home country (e.g. Canada), does not qualify and is thus denied access to American territories. It should be noted that the American authorities give no consideration to the Canadian Pardon, i.e. obtaining the Pardon does not give Canada the right to enter the United States. Since the events of September 11, 2001, it is clear that this measure has been severely implemented and is increasingly controlled.

Attempting to enter the United States, despite the existence of a criminal record, can lead to very serious consequences, such as imprisonment, deportation and the seizure and sale of your vehicle and your property.

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Pardons vs. Waivers
  Canadians with criminal records, or even some who have been finger printed but never convicted, may see themselves rejected when they try to cross the American border.
The US department of immigration is dramatically increasing the control policy in the US borders; the risks of detention, deportation, and even incarceration have never been higher.
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