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Canada Pardon Services specializes in assisting any person with Canadian criminal records to obtain the Canadian Pardon and the U.S. Entry Restriction Waivers.

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Online Special - Pardon only $375. Waiver only $375. Both only $750. Limited time offer. valid only for online orders. (We Guarantee your Pardon or your money back.)
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Thank you for choosing our organization to help clear your name and allow you to legally cross the border to the US. To get you started today you can choose one of the following options:

  1. Apply online: by completing the secure online application (the fastest way to start the process). We GUARANTEE confidentiality and security of information transmitted by the user.
  2. Personal appointment: at our office by contacting
    1-866-836-3660, one of our consultants will set up a convenient time to meet with you. Appointments can be set up from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Eastern Time, Monday to Friday, at 130 Bridgeland ave unit 200 Toronto, Ontario .
  3. Apply on the phone: by contacting one of our consultants toll free across Canada 1-866-836-3660.
  4. By fax: by faxing your completed application form to
    416- 849-5921
  5. Mail or courier: by forwarding your completed application form to Canada Pardon Services
    130 Bridgeland ave unit 200 Toronto, Ontario M6B 1Z4.
Once our office has received your request for service, a consultant will contact you to discuss your application.

Federal Pardon
US Travel Waiver
Learn more about the U.S Waiver.
Pardons vs. Waivers
  Canadians with criminal records, or even some who have been finger printed but never convicted, may see themselves rejected when they tried to cross the US border.
The US department of immigration is dramatically increasing the control policy in the US borders; the risks of detention, deportation, and even incarceration have never been higher.
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The worries of a businessman at the Border
  Mr. Sévigny was initially surprised by this refusal. "I repeated obtaining a Pardon. But customs officials were laughing. They said that the terrorists who blew up a nightclub in Indonesia had also obtained a Pardon. What comparison ridiculous! "Protests businessman.
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