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Canada Pardon Services specializes in assisting any person with Canadian criminal records to obtain the Canadian Pardon and the U.S. Entry Restriction Waivers.

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Why our services

Canada pardon services inc. is a private company that operate all over Canada to help with the pardon and US Waiver Process note that only the National Parole Board of Canada that provide the pardon in Canada.

  • Free assessment of your pardon or waiver qualification

  • Secure IT service via a practical website and a modern database which is able to ensure the accuracy of the information and exact progress of your request.

  • Provide guidance in the steps required from the various services involved in the process (local police, RCMP, court, lawyer, and DHS & NPB);

  • A fingerprint service and previous criminal record check where needed;

  • A bilingual service for processing requests for the Canadian Pardon and American Waiver in Canada.

  • Peace of mind! By providing an environment which avoids discrimination due to the existence of a conviction and which starts equal opportunities.

Thus, in order for the values of equal opportunity to begin and to avoid discrimination linked to the existence of a criminal record our actions are to:

  • Collect all personal information required

  • Assist you to ensure progress in the process

  • Prepare all the necessary documents for you

  • Personalize advice to support your application

  • Regularly check on the status of your demand throughout the process

  • Preparation of requests and petitions to the courts and the National Parole Board / or the Department of Homeland Security

  • Provide regular updates on all proceedings commenced with the
    government agencies concerned.

  • Collect in a direct and guaranteed way, all possible administrative documents
Ensure that your request for Pardon will be accepted. (Unfortunately we can not guarantee you the granting of a Waiver, because the protection service boundary has the right of refusal on any application. However, we will notify you of your chances, and we do not treat your matter if your chances for obtaining a Waiver are low).

Your choice of our service is a promise for getting your rehabilitation
Click here to start your application for Pardon or Waiver online now, or contact our service.

Canada Pardon Services does not provide legal advice. Should you require legal assistance please consult a lawyer.

RCMP Pardon
We are committed to openness, integrity and accountability in the execution of our Mission.

We believe that the contribution of qualified and motivated individuals is essential to promoting the achievement of the Parole Board’s Mission.
The Pardon can help you in:
  • Traveling to USA / other countries
  • Applying for a job and career advancement
  • Working as a volunteer
  • Rental approvals
  • Child custody cases
  • Working with kids
  • Adoption
  • Education opportunities
  • Your ability to be bonded
Pardon Guaranteed
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