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Canada Pardon Services specializes in assisting any person with Canadian criminal records to obtain the Canadian Pardon and the U.S. Entry Restriction Waivers.

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"Your service is quick I made an application in the morning, and they contacted me and I got my papers, did my fingerprints and paid the same day, it's real service"
Red Deer, AB

"Thank you for your service, I really appreciated the way you helped me because during this process, you gave me the courage and the motivation to continue, thank you again for being there for me and for people who have criminal records, please continue to help us in the future."
Laval, QC

"Thanks to you I was able to begin the process during a period when I had lost my job and several job candidacies and also had financial constraints, thank you very much for your support. Thanks to you and to the American Waiver, I have been able to cross the border several times without any problems."
Calgary, AB

"I just want to salute the sincerity of your advice, I never thought that one day I would need a Waiver to go to the United States, in fact I now often pass the border without problems. I understood after but it is never too late as they say."
Victoria, C-B

"Your support is priceless. It all started with a few questions that I asked to one of your consultants, who helped me start the application and face a fear I had before, because I had several files and I was afraid that my request would be rejected because if it did I would not have known how to get out."
Toronto, ON

"Your process is really worth the cost! I thought of obtaining a Pardon myself, but all these administrative and legal procedures discouraged me, it is a real headache that lasts a long time and they make us run around in all directions…I made the right choice by contacting your department and I would recommend you to everyone! Thanks!"
Edmonton, AB

Federal Pardon
US Travel Waiver
Learn more about the U.S Waiver.
The Pardon can help you in:
  • Traveling to USA / other countries
  • Applying for a job and career advancement
  • Working as a volunteer
  • Rental approvals
  • Child custody cases
  • Working with kids
  • Adoption
  • Education opportunities
  • Your ability to be bonded
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