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Canada Pardon Services specializes in assisting any person with Canadian criminal records to obtain the Canadian Pardon and the U.S. Entry Restriction Waivers.

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Why do I apply for a Pardon?

Once you are found guilty of a criminal act, (whether by summary conviction or indictable offence), your record does not automatically disappear with time, unfortunately, it remains throughout life, thus, whether for a job application, for a trip or just a credit application, your past is always going to haunt you and cause you trouble. Having a criminal record is an unnecessary burden that affects your life and your feelings. Everywhere there is blatant discrimination related to the existence of a criminal record. This is why it is possible to obtain a Pardon.

The main reasons we need a Pardon are as follows:

  • Work
  • Child care
  • Adoption
  • Travel
  • Volunteering
  • Rental
  • Insurance
  • Licences and permits
  • Status (resident, citizen)
  • Training
  • Gain respect
  • Reputation
  • Promotion
  • Peace of mind
  • Education

Once you have registered, you will receive an acknowledgement of your request that confirms your registration details and payment.

To complete your application a consultant will contact you as soon as possible (maximum 12 hours after registration).

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding your application.

Our services are offered to answer your questions, and all consultations are free via a toll-free number.

Our consulting team is ready to answer your questions and make sure you are satisfied with the process.

As soon as you are registered, we take the necessary steps to begin the process and we will give assistance throughout your processes to ensure that your application results in a positive outcome.

While opening your file and in order to take advantage of our services we request full payment or a portion of our fees for the services. At the opening you must sign a statement giving our department authorization to assist you in obtaining the Pardon, and from our side we ensure the following:

  • Provide necessary documents;
  • Supplement the information and documents required;
  • Ensure that all requests for documents needed are prepared and received (fingerprints, police records and magistrates courts);
  • Ensure that all the arrangements are made correctly and within the timeframe;
  • Create all queries regarding your government's file.

Once your application is complete, we will submit your application to be treated with the concerned departments.
Pardon Canada Services is responsible to ensure a perfect monitoring of existing instructions for obtaining a Canadian Pardon.

We are proud to assist those who have been or may be subjected to discrimination on the basis of having a criminal record, and help them find a fair life.
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Pardon Canada Services
“A Pardon is evidence of the fact that a conviction should no longer reflect adversely on that person’s character,
and removes any disqualifications to which the individual is subjected “
National Parole Board
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The Pardon can help you in:
  • Traveling to USA / other countries
  • Applying for a job and career advancement
  • Working as a volunteer
  • Rental approvals
  • Child custody cases
  • Working with kids
  • Adoption
  • Education opportunities
  • Your ability to be bonded
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